About Me

Name’s Patricia, but you can call me Pati. Or Pat. As you like it.
la_bambola, because of Patty Pravo.

“Cerca trova”. 

Because I constantly seek. Purpose, happiness, motivation. The lost joy of life. And I find. The sheer excitement of starting a new book, intoxication with words. The beauty of art in its various forms. The simple pleasure of catching those fleeting moments. The sense of fulfillment when making them meaningful.

me lost in thoughts

Who am I? A simple, yet no ordinary girl. Fighting with her demons, trying to find her place in the world. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Gdynia, Poland. Currently working in an IT company.

Passionate about books, languages, travels, sometimes drawing portraits and never saying no to good movies or engrossing tv shows (even if I’m very selective, it’s just that I do value my time). Fascinated by the exotic land of India, its colourful culture, their cinematography, literature, and language.

I created this blog, because they told me I can write quite well, so why not? Jokes apart, ever since I read my first Harry Potter book I’ve envied Albus Dumbledore his personal pensieve. So let this be a place where I can deal with the total mess in my head and maybe something constructive and useful will come out of it.

The initial idea was to have a kind of a book blog (I am a bookworm, I love books, books are life, have I mentioned books?), but I’d rather have my own space to write about everything and anything.

You’re welcome to read and comment, if only you can promise to be honest 🙂