Mother! by Darren Arronofsky.

It’s not often that I feel comfortable enough with reviewing a movie, let’s leave it to critics and other connoisseurs of cinema. On the other hand, it’s even rarer for a movie to stuck in my head like a splinter, provoking a myriad of contrasting thoughts and interpretations during the screening and long after leaving the cinema…


Origin by Dan Brown.

Robert Langdon is back and all ready to solve yet another great mystery of the universe. Who knows if not the greatest one this time, as the famous Harvard University professor is confronted with the questions humanity has always been trying to answer: where do we come from? Where are we going? What’s our real origin?

October reads ~ 2017.

First, as an explanation, I haven’t felt like reviewing a single book in more depth for quite a long time now, needless to say October hasn’t been a good month for me, very hectic, a bit disorganized and distressing. Quite an intense time, with my levels of anxiety going through the roof, making me feel totally unmotivated, almost depressed. That’s why I either haven’t had time to read or I’ve just haven’t felt like immersing myself in reading at all, finding it hard to focus…